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What can Leading Edge Consulting do for motor carriers?

With a unique perspective which has proven results at enhancing motor carrier performance since 1996, Leading Edge Consulting has the expertise to reduce expense and improve motor carrier profits with an intimate knowledge of Safety, Human Resources, Brokerage, Operations and Maintenance.


  • Extremely knowledgeable in federal and state regulations, driver   behavior analysis and vehicle dynamics 
  • Uncanny ability to relate to drivers, educating them and training them in all aspects of safety  
  • Changing driver behavior with a down-to-earth approach.  Educating and teaching them how to become better drivers, creating value for themselves and the motor carriers they work for 
  • Reduced liability claims at motor carriers from 40% to as much as 83%
  • Reduced rear-end, sideswipe, rollover and jackknife accidents as much as 85%
  • Received multiple fleet safety awards  
  • Successful at improving and upgrading CSA safety ratings from conditional to satisfactory
  • Respected expert in FMCSA regulations, CSA, OSHA, IFTA, CARB and HAZMAT


  • Over 12 years reviewing brokerage contracts and customer contracts
  • Provides guidance that will protect the motor carrier from claims
  • Provides verbiage that is mutually beneficial for all parties in order to secure new business or retain existing clients in a way that reduces exposure to the motor carrier

Human Resources: 

  • Created and written employee manuals, driver’s manuals and training guidelines
  • Successfully resolved employment, EEOC and workman’s compensation claims
  • Led benefits, recruiting and driver advertising departments
  • Aggressively and successfully addresses the challenges of recruiting drivers and reducing turnover


  • Understands the unique operational complexities of each motor carrier 
  • Managed drivers as well as planned and booked loads
  • Experience directing the operations department
  • Knowledgeable in Windows and DOS based McLeod and Innovative platforms
  • Worked with operations teams to integrate HOS, location pings and workflow integration to improve operational efficiency and performance reducing staff and improving truck utilization  
  • Worked directly with customers, building and winning contracts for motor carriers


  • Complete understanding of vehicle dynamics and physical abilities of drivers 
  • Thorough understanding of all engine makes and models shifting points and peek torque ranges
  • Has saved carriers millions in reduced fuel and tire expenses
  • Received an Innovator award in 2015 as a result of his creative approaches to improving vehicle performance 
  • Methodical and systematic approach has resulted in decreased maintenance violations and improved compliance and efficiency

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